About Spanky's

Spanky's Hot Rods and Customs is your one stop shop for any hot rod item you might need.  From go-fast parts to sheet metal  and wiring, Spanky's can get you the parts you need.  Spanky, himself,  has been in the hot rod and custom car business for over 30 years. With years of expertise and a progressive and creative mindset, let us help you complete your car.  The best part about Spanky's is that we use these parts daily.  Spanky's is a full fledge hot rod shop.  We are doing everything from tune-ups, paint and fabrication, to sewing interior on a daily basis.

 Let us walk through your build with you and get the items you need delivered to your door.

Have questions?

Contact us here. We will be glad to get back to you as soon as possible.