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Complete Vintage Air SureFit System for 70-72 Chevrolet Chevelle

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Vintage Air is the leader in aftermarket hot rod air conditioning. Their quality parts are designed for function, beauty, and for the durability your Hot Rod needs. Whether it's a street rod or muscle car, let Spanky's help set you up with a Vintage Air product today. For more information, or to custom tailor your own kit, give us a call.

The all new Vintage Air Gen-IV Sure Fit 1970 -1972 CHEVELLE air conditioning, heating and defrost systems are a major step forward in performance aftermarket climate control systems.

The Gen-IV systems feature all electronic controls requiring no cables, capillary tube or vacuum connections. They are truly "fly-by-wire." These Gen IV systems use seperate heating and cooling coils for superior performance. The internal air control doors are servo operated to provide infinite dash, floor and defrost blending.


 Fully elctronic Fly-By-Wire controls, high capacity plate and fin cooling coil, copper/brass Cuprobraze parallel flow heater coil, mounts completely behind dash, A/C exits through dash vents, complete air blending, high capacity dehumidified defrost volume, smooth steel firewall panel Air conditioning, heating and defrost combination designed specifically for your vehicle.

 the original deluxe control assembly in your dash connects to our new electronic cable-replacement modules to retain the factory look of your dash. This is a complete kit. Designed to install with minimal drilling and no fabrication.

 Comes with all mounting brackets, hardware, louvers, duct hose, wiring harness, condenser, mounting brackets, standard drier, pre-formed aluminum lines, firewall cover plate and mounting hardware. When ordering we must know if your car is a factory or non-factory air car and the year of the vehicle.

 For more information please feel free to call us at 901-832-3649